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    President se Kersboodskap 2018

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    SA Jagters Nasionale Intertak Spanskietkompetisie 2018

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Inyathi Park News September 2017

Die seisoen het gedraai en dit lyk of lente ons oorgeslaan het. Ons het hier aan die noordekant van die land sommer direk in somer ingestap met temperature wat gereeld reeds oor 30º C styg. Ons vertrou dat soos die somer kom, ons goeie reën sal kry. Die Wes-Kaap en dele van die Oos-Kaap sowel as Noord-Kaap gaan steeds gebuk onder erge droogte en ons dink werklik aan die inwoners van daardie streke wat van dag tot dag byna nie kan volhou nie.


1. Court application and Subsequent SAPS Action
While I informed you last month already that the appeal against the High Court ruling made by Judge Tolmay will be heard on 8 February 2018 in the Constitutional Court, we are continuously provided with information from members who are harassed by the SAPS about firearms of which the licences had lapsed or, in instances where members attempted to renew their licences well ahead of time.

If you are being harassed by the SAPS in any way for being in possession of a firearm of which the licence lapsed, I would like to know about such incidents. Following the High Court decision, the SAPS (in a well published press release) confirmed that nobody will be prosecuted for being in possession of a firearm of which the licence lapsed, until this court action is finalised.

I have been informed of instances where the local DFO called members to inform them they should hand in firearms of which the licences lapsed or they would be prosecuted or, members were instructed to go to the Police station to sign an indemnity. Similarly, there still seem to be a number of DFOs that want applicants to make an appointment for handing in an application for a new licence or for a renewal licence. I am also informed that at some Police stations members are required to bring along their firearm if they apply for a renewal licence to physically check the firearm detail. There also seem to be instanced where members are given a hard time when attempting to renew competency certificates.

Please send detail about such incidents to Petrus Swart at petrus@sahunt.co.za, including your SA Hunters membership number, name, address, the name of the relevant Police station and, if possible, the DFO with whom you had contact, and a short description of the your experience.

In the special newsletter as well as in the July and August newsletters, I explained that the application for leave to appeal the judgement suspends the implementation of the judgement. This means that we are still required to comply with the requirements of the Act in the following way.

  1. If your firearm licence is due to lapse, please apply in good time for the renewal of that licence. Complete the application, attach the required documents and submit it to your DFO as the Act requires you to do.
  2. If you already handed in a firearm to the Police, retain the proof thereof very carefully. Do not ask the Police to hand your firearm back to you. They will not do so. (Remember the Police promised not to destroy any firearms that had been surrendered)
  3. If you are in possession of a firearm of which the licence lapsed, please keep it locked away in your safe and preferably do not use it. (Remember the Police promised not to prosecute anybody for being in possession of such a firearm)

We will keep members posted on this matter as the process unfolds.

2. Foute op nuwe lisensies wat SAPD uitreik/Errors on new licences issued by the SAPS
Ek het in die vorige nuusbrief daarop gewys dat daar heelwat foute voorkom op nuwe lisensies wat die SAPD uitreik. Dit lyk of die reëling met die SVR om die foute redelik vinnig reg te stel nogal goed werk.

Lede wat enige foute op lisensiekaartjies het, kan daarom gerus vir Petrus Swart kontak by petrus@sahunt.co.za of by (012) 808 9300.
I deliberately repeat the short message above in English.
In the previous newsletter I alerted members about errors on the new licence cards issued by the SAPS. Following our intervention, the arrangement reached with the CFR to correct these errors seems to work reasonably well.
Members whose licence cards contain faulty information are advised to contact Petrus Swart for assistance at petrus@sahunt.co.za or at (012) 808 9300.

3. SAPS and Destruction of Firearms
The SAPS informed the Portfolio Committee on Polices on Monday 2 October (yesterday) theat the process to destroy confiscated firearms will be quickened. The intention hereof is to much quicker destroy confiscated illegal firarms.

Despite this declaration of the SAPS members who handed in firearms due to lapsed licenses should rest assured that those firearms will not be destroyed at least until after the finalisation of the current court case. The High Court in Pretoria ordered the Police not to destroy any firearms handed in due to lapsed licenses until after the finalisation of the Court case brought by SA Hunters against the Police.

4. Lidmaatskap
Teen einde Augustus 2017, het die Vereniging se ledetal op 41 273 gestaan.
Elke lid van SA Jagters wat tien of meer gewone lede vir die Vereniging werf, kwalifiseer vir gratis lidmaatskap vir die volgende jaar. Takke wat nuwe lede werf, ontvang ook R100 van die nuwe lid se ledegeld, bo en behalwe die taksubsidie ten opsigte van die nuwe lid.
Let daarop dat slegs een aansporing ten opsigte van ’n nuwe lid van toepassing is, m.a.w. óf die Tak óf die lid ontvang die aansporing vir die nuwe lid gewerf.

5. Retention of Dedicated Status
In the current year, we have 12 213 Dedicated Hunters and 6 096 Dedicated Sport Shooters that are already compliant. This means they already reported adequate activities for the year to retain their dedicated status. Time to report your activities is running out. Remember, you have only about 3 weeks left to report activities for 2017 by the end of October 2017.

We want to reduce the number of activity reports that we receive via e-mail and/or fax and request members to update their activity logs online. You can also do this via the SA Hunters App now.

There are a further 6 096 Dedicated Hunters and 3 252 Dedicated Sport Shooters that still need to report further activity to retain this status.

Just to remind you of the requirements again:
Dedicated Hunters must report at least two (2) activities during the year from 1 November 2016 to 31 October 2017 to retain the dedicated status. Any hunting activity, SA Hunters Branch event or SA Hunters shooting event is accepted as appropriate activity.

Dedicated Sport Shooters must report at least three (3) activities during the year from 1 November 2017 to 31 October 2017 to retain the dedicated status. Any SA Hunters shooting event inclusive of one Range Officer duty.
Any SA Hunters Branch activity is usually recorded automatically if you enter your membership number on the Branch tablet.

Members must capture any other activity on the SA Hunters Member Administration system. Members logging in for the first time, must type their 6-digit SA Hunters membership number in both the member no and password fields. The system will guide you through the password reset process. You will need to access either your e-mail or mobile phone number registered with us on your SA Hunters member profile to complete this process.

Go to the ‘Hunting & Shooting Activity Log’ section on the administration system to log your activities. A link to the user manual is available at the bottom of your ‘Member profile’ page.
Please also remember that SA Hunters will accept any shooting activity at another association or shooting club, provided that you completed an official range register and you have valid proof of the fact that you indeed participated in a shooting event. We note many of our members who log their activities may be uncertain when selecting between “shooting event organised” and “shooting event informal”.

Shooting event organised’ refers to any official event on any certified range where you completed a range register and where there was adequate proof that you actually participated in an organised event (most the registered shooting clubs would do so on a regular basis. All of these events qualify as an organised shooting event for your activity log. If you log such an event under the heading, “shooting event informal” it does not qualify as an event to retain your dedicated status and your status will remain as non-compliant. Please ensure that you log your activity correctly.

6. Sportskietnuus
Die Presidentskiet Finaal het die afgelope naweek in Kroonstad plaasgevind. Baie dankie aan Valschrivier-tak wat die skietgeleentheid aangebied het en aan Basie Bergh wat as hoof baanoffisier opgetree het. Julle reëlings was puik. Baie geluk aan die volgende skuts wat gewen het:

  • Ope Klas: Danie Symington
  • Dames: Yvette Aggenbach
  • Seniors: Dolf du Preez
  • Juniors: Herman Nieuwoudt.

In 2018, ken ons vir die eerste keer Platinum-kleure toe aan 29 skuts vir skietprestasies. 66 skuts het Platinum-tellings by die Nasionale Presidentskiet geskiet. Dit is voorwaar ‘n bewys daarvan dat die skietaktiwiteite van die Vereniging lei tot beter prestasie op hierdie terrein.

Die volgende aktiwiteite sluit die kalender vir sportskiet vir die jaar af.
3 en 4 Oktober 2017 – Afrigtingskliniek in skietvaardigheid vir juniors op Welkom, met Sandrivier 58-tak as gasheer
5 Oktober 2017 – Junior Skietkampioenskap op Welkom, met Sandrivier 58-tak as gasheer
26 Oktober 2017 – Bekendstelling van Gallery Rifle skietdissiplines op Welkom, met Sandrivier 58-tak as gasheer
27 en 28 Oktober 2017 – Sportskietkampioenskap op Welkom, aangebied deur Sandrivier 58-tak

7. Congress 2017
SA Hunters will have its annual Congress over the weekend of 3 and 4 November 2017 in Pretoria. The Congress Dinner will be held on Friday 3 November when awards will be made to various members as well as deserving organisations and members of the public. One of our own members is the guest speaker who will focus on hunting and related experiences.

On Saturday 4 November 2017, the formal AGM will be held where other business will be attended to and important documents would be considered for approval, i.e.

  • additions to the Constitution of SA Hunters
  • redrafted Internal Rules to align with the new constitution
  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Awards Policy

The documents that are relevant for the annual Congress inclusive of the annual financial statements will be forwarded to branches during this week. Members who are interested in this information and in particular members who will attend the Congress as representatives of their branches, should please enquire access to the information via your Branch Chairman, who should have these documents available by the end of this week.

Once any revised documents such as the Constitution, Internal Rules and Annual Financial statements are approved by Congress, these documents will be made available on the website with access open to members only as from early in 2018.

Please remember that it is your responsibility as a member to familiarise yourself with the Constitution, Internal Rules, Policy Statements and related documents of SA Hunters.

8. Gebruik van Ivoor van Nico van Rooyen
Die Kongres het in 2016 goedkeuring verleen dat die ivoor uit Nico van Rooyen se erflating gebruik kan word om messe en juwele te vervaardig, ten einde die ivoor te gebruik eerder as om dit te laat vergaan omdat dit nie in ideale omstandighede gestoor kan word nie.

Na ‘n proses van besluitname deur die Raad en Uitgebreide Raad is die ivoor nou opgesny en die eerste messe is gemaak en beskikbaar vir bestelling. Van die afvalstukke ivoor sal juwele vervaardig en verkoop word deur ‘n aangewese juwelier wat dit in samewerking met SA Jagters sal doen.

Foto’s van die mes met ‘n ivoorhef, leerskede en houtkissie is hier beskikbaar.

Hierdie is ‘n unieke gelentheid om ‘n mes te bekom waarvan die hef van ivoor sal wees wat uit die versameling van Nico van Rooyen kom. Dit sal sekerlik nie goedkoop wees nie maar die mes is bedoel om ‘n versamelstuk te wees.

Daar sal ‘n beperkte reeks messe gemaak word omdat die beskikbare ivoor beperk is. Die eerste reeks sal die Nico van Rooyen Doctari reeks messe wees wat ‘n eie unieke verhaal het. Daar sal slges 150 messe in hierdie reeks gemaak word en elke mes sal genommer wees, beide op die mes sowel as op die kassie. Hierdie messe sal beskikbaar wees teen R 5 500,00 elk en sal vervaardig en versend word na die lid sodra die bestelling geplaas en die geld in die rekening van SA Jagters oorgeplaas is.

Indien u een van hierdie messe wil bestel doen die volgende: Plaas die bedrag van R 5 500 oor na die rekening van SA Jagters by ABSA met die rekeningnommer 01443990077. Takkode 632005 en gerbruik die volgende verwysing: Mes en u Selfoonnommer. Stuur asseblief ‘n bewys van die betaling na admin@sahunt.co.za

Die genommerde mes sal op ‘n eerste bestel eerste gelewer basis aan u versend word tesame met die permit om die ivoor wettig te besit.

9. Fotokompetisie
SA Jagters se fotokompetisie vir lede in 2017 duur voort. Die doel van die kompetisie is om ‘n portefeulje saam te stel van die beste foto’s wat SA Jagters se lede geneem het sodat ons dit by geleenthede soos die jaarlikse kongres se gala-aand kan vertoon. Die naam van die fotograaf en die tak waaraan die lid behoort, sal by die foto verskyn.

Die wenfoto’s vir die derde kwartaal is hier reeds op die webwerf geplaas. Lede sal ook hulle erkenning in die vorm van goud, silwer of brons sertifikate ontvang.

Die inligting oor die pryse en borgskap is beskikbaar op die webwerf.

Die kategorieë vir die kompetisie is:

  1. Die moeite werd om te bewaar. Enige plant- of dierelewe wat na jou mening die moeite werd is om te bewaar.
  2. Dis hoekom ek jag. Wat maak jou jagtog soveel méér as net skiet.
  3. My tak is die beste. Hoekom jy dit geniet om aan jou SA Jagters-tak te behoort.

Lees gerus hier wat jy moet doen om in te skryf.

10. HuntEx 2018
HuntEx Gauteng will again be held at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand from 27 April to 1 May 2018. Pleas diarise these dates.

Due to poor attendance of the two shows in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape, these expos will not be repeated. Therefore, we will only have one single exhibition of hunting-related firearms and equipment in 2018.

11. Bos en Kombuis
Die nuwe Bos en Kombuis resepteboek was van middel September beskikbaar en behoort algemeen bekombaar te wees in boekwinkels en kleinhandelaars. Bestel ‘n kopie van hierdie pragtige resepteboek teen ‘n spesiale prys van slegs R 35,00 by u Tak. Die rakprys by kleinhandelaars is R45,00. Hierdie is sekerlik ‘n baie goeie idee vir Kersgeskenke.

12. History of SA Hunters
SA Hunters as an Association will be 70 years old in 2019. We started a process in 2016 with oom George Nell to compile the history of SA Hunters over this period. The intention is to publish a book in 2019, when SA Hunters reaches the ripe age of 70 years.

Oom George will appreciate any information on the Association, its activities, role players and how the Association grew during the 70 years of its existence. He already received loads of information and documents kindly provided to him by members of SA Hunters. Please be patience while we peruse the documentation for inclusion in the book. He will take good care of your possessions.

Please contact Oom George at 0829269641. If you have information that could be useful.

13. Advertensiewerwer vir SA Jagter/Man Magnum
Media 24, SA Jagters se mediavennoot en gesamentlike eienaars van die SA Jagter en Magnum tydskrifte het ‘n vakature beskikbaar vir ‘n persoon om advertensies vir die twee tydskrifte te verkoop. Indien u sou belangstel in hierdie pos kan u meer inligting hier verkry. Maak asseblief seker dat u spoedig aandag gee aan hierdie aansoek aangesien die sluitingsdatum reeds 6 Oktober 2017 is.

14. Rhino Husbandry Agreement: Welgevonden Nature Reserve
Welgevonden Nature Reserve announced their intention to take care of rhinos owned by other parties. They already have a good management programme as well as reliable security measures in place and they would like to offer their facilities to rhino owners. Should you be interested to enter into an agreement with Welgevonden to take care of your rhinos, you will find more information here.

15. Kommersiële sake
Soos gebruiklik, sluit ons skakels in na ons webwerf vir meer inligting oor spesiale aanbiedings vir SA Jagters se lede. Kliek op die skakel waarin u belangstel.
Ons sluit kort beskrywings in van spesiale boodskappe of inligting oor nuwe verskaffers wat afslag aan lede bied.
Die volgende leweransiers bied spesiale voordele aan lede van SA Jagters.

  • Toyota SA
  • Westvaal Nelspruit
  • Action Ford       
  • Hinterland Groep
  • Wildman Hunting and Outdoor
  • Hokaai Slaghuis
  • Die Wildshoekie Vleismark bied steeds 5% korting op hulle reeds goeie tariewe vir vleisverwerking aan alle lede van SA Jagters
  • LAVA Vakuumverpakking
  • Selftrack
  • MAINSU Kragopwekkers
  • Heartech Gehoorbeskerming
  • Herlaaikursusse deur Cassie Nienaber

Kliek hier vir meer inligting oor enige van die bogenoemde voordele.

16. Verdere Hofaansoek teen SAPD
Gedurende Junie 2016 het ek aan u berig dat die Sentrale Vuurwapenregister 26 lede se aansoeke vir Artikel 16 vuurwapenlisensies afgekeur het omdat hulle beweer SA Jagters is nie ‘n geakkrediteerde jagtersvereniging nie.

Ons het in ‘n uitgerekte debat met baie korrespondensie met die SAPD betrokke geraak en 21 van hierdie lede se lisensie-aansoeke is uiteindelik goedgekeur en die lisensies uitgereik. Tot en met Augustus 2017, het die oorblywende vyf lede steeds gewag vir SAPD en SVR om die fout reg te stel en die lisensies uit te reik.

Omdat ons nie enige ander keuse gehad het nie het ons ‘n verdere hofaansoek gebring teen die Polisie om die SVR met ‘n hofbevel te verplig om hierdie lede se lisensies uit te reik. Die hofaansoek is op 31 Augustus beteken op die SVR. Op 14 September 2017, presies 10 werkdae later het die betrokke lede per SMS kennis gekry dat hulle lisensies inderdaad uitgereik sal word. Ek het vandag, op 2 Oktober 2017, die skriftelike bevestiging van die Staatsprokureur ontvang dat die betrokke lede se lisensies uitgereik is. Terselfdertyd bied die Staatsprokureur nou aan om die getakseerde koste van die hofaansoek te betaal.

Wanneer ons lede se belang in gedrang is, huiwer SA Jagters nie om redelike ernstige stappe teen die Polisie te neem nie, veral wanneer redelike versoeke bloot ignoreer word.

17. Our Own SA Hunters Mobile App
SA Hunters developed an Android mobile App exclusively for its members.
The App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.sahunters.admin or search for ‘SA Hunters Members’
The App provides members with the following functionality:
•    View your SA Hunters profile
•    View and display your SA Hunters membership card electronically
•    View and update your contact information
•    View and log your hunting and shooting activities to maintain dedicated status
•    Receive notifications from Head Office or your branch

Use your member number and the same password for this App as for the online member administration system. If you have never logged in to the member administration site, the App also provides the option to request a password.

The App is currently only available for use on Android devices (Android 5.0 or higher). The Apple version will be developed and made available later on in the year.

Those of you that decide to download the App, please take the trouble to rate it. The more ratings we receive, the higher our App will be positioned on the system.

18. Navrae na SA Jagters se Nasionale Kantoor
Dit gebeur gereeld dat enkele van die bestuurders algemene navrae ontvang en nie noodwendig die betrokke lid kan help met die inligting wat hy/sy benodig nie. Vir spoedige diens, maak seker dat u navrae na die regte afdeling verwys.

Die kontaknommers en e-posadresse vir navrae is soos volg:
•    Navrae oor lidmaatskap, administrasie en finansies
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Finansies: e-posadres: admin@sahunt.co.za
•    Navrae oor opleiding
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Opleiding;  e-posadres: nic@sahunt.co.za
•    Vuurwapenhulplyn, endossemente, motiverings en navrae oor lisensie-aansoeke
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Vuurwapenhulplyn; e-posadres: firearmsupport@sahunt.co.za
•    Toegewyde status en registrasie van aktiwiteite
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Toegewyde Status;     e-posadres: dedicated@sahunt.co.za
•    Bewaringsaangeleenthede
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Bewaring; e-posadres: vanessa@sahunt.co.za
•    Jagsake
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Jagsake; e-posadres: johann@sahunt.co.za
•    Navrae oor Takaangeleenthede en verwante sake
Tel (012) 808 9300 vra vir Takaangeleenthede;     e-posadres: andrevdm@sahunt.co.za
•    Navrae t.o.v. skietsake en verwante aangeleenthede
Tel (012) 8089300 vra vir Skietsake; e-posadres: andrevdm@sahunt.co.za
•    Navrae oor enige aanlynstelsels, webwerf, tablette
Tel (012) 8089300 of e-posadres: martmarie@sahunt.co.za
•    Enige algemene of ander navrae
Tel (012) 8089300 of e-posadres: info@sahunt.co.za

Fred Camphor
SA Jagters: HUB

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